What can I eat after a workout in the evening

Energy consumption, both for cardio and strength training in the gym, is regarded by the body as a threat of hunger, and it begins to store fat in reserve, destroying the proteins of skeletal muscles for this. So the question is: What to eat after an evening workout to lose weight so as not to gain extra kg? — especially relevant, since before going to bed there will no longer be an opportunity to spend the calories received. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the energy component. All calories received between the end of the workout and going to bed should be less than those that were spent in the class.
Here's what you can eat after a workout in the evening for weight loss, in addition to carbohydrates or a combination of carbohydrates and proteins, which was taken within 30 minutes, the ideal dinner or evening snack may include such foods and dishes: baked or steamed fish, chicken/turkey breast, rabbit back; herbs, celery root, celery stalks; cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant; boiled cauliflower/brussels sprouts; vegetable stew, cutlets; steam omelet; fresh drinks, smoothies.
Dairy products — that's what you should not eat after a workout in the evening for weight loss (exception: fasting dairy days). Despite the low glycemic index, milk causes an inadequately high insulin load, the peak of which occurs after 3-4 hours.
It is at this time, in a dream, that many hormones are synthesized, including those responsible for appetite and mood. A high level of insulin at this time disrupts their production, and contributes to the development of insulin resistance of muscle and adipose tissue, slowing down weight loss, simplifying and even contributing to the process of fat deposition.

  • What foods you can eat after a workout: general tips that refute common myths

    Firstly, we pay attention to the inadmissibility of the use of low-fat milk and dairy products. On the one hand, during degreasing, they lose almost all their benefits, and on the other hand, the absence of fats in the diet quickly disrupts the hormonal background in both women and men, and negatively affects the metabolism of the elderly (60+).
    Secondly, you should not get carried away and try to eat only animal proteins. The optimal ratio of plant and animal proteins "50-50" in the diet of those who lose weight has been proven by medical research.