Sports nutrition that really helps

Not so long ago, athletes, coaches and sports doctors believed that after training, you can eat only after 45-60 minutes. Today, numerous studies have proven the benefits of certain foods in the anabolic protein-carbohydrate food window — for 90 minutes before and 90 minutes after training. A sports cocktail drunk on time or a protein/amino acid supplement eaten facilitates and even intensifies the process of weight loss. That is why the question: What to eat after a workout for weight loss? — it is quite often asked by beginners in the gym.
Ladies who dream of losing weight quickly can also help sports nutrition. But for this, breakfast, afternoon tea or dinner should be replaced with protein. This will allow you to get the right amount of protein without calories.
First of all, the products that are on the shelves of sports nutrition stores, and there are a lot of them today, are narrowly focused. Each product solves a particular problem. For women, the main problem is overweight. This problem is solved by fat-burning drugs. They may have a different composition. It depends on the manufacturer. Some fat burners contain guarana and caffeine, which speed up the heartbeat. They are shown only to people who do not have heart disease. Undoubtedly, no substance will fight adipose tissue as effectively and quickly as caffeine or guarana. But the resulting health problems are not worth a quick result. You can purchase less effective fat-burning drugs that will help achieve the desired effect. It will begin to act only if the body receives physical activity in parallel. Physical activity should be understood as non-exhausting workouts in the gym. A 30-minute jog or a visit to a fitness class will be enough.
Before you start taking the aforementioned medications, it is advisable to visit a doctor. The female body is more sensitive than the male. The doctor will tell you what medications you can take and, most importantly, the dosage.

  • You can get rid of excess weight without fat burners. An alternative option is protein shakes. Collagen will add beauty to the skin. It is also worth adding vitamin complexes and energy to your diet.