Is it possible to eat after a workout while losing weight

Not only possible, but also necessary! Knowing when and what you can eat after a weight loss workout, you can achieve other extremely important, positive effects and effects: boost the oxidation of unspent carbohydrates; accelerate the recovery of muscle glycogen spent in training; to stop lipid peroxidation, which prevents or minimizes: oxidative stress and catabolism (breakdown) of skeletal muscle fibers that inevitably occur after intense, especially strength, physical exertion; development of inflammatory processes; excessive activity of the antioxidant system; disorders of the immune system; super compensatory to improve body composition, namely the ratio of dry weight and fat; if necessary, remodel muscle protein, increase its quantity and/or volume; reduce the strength of crepature soreness after eccentric exercises; accelerate metabolic recovery, minimizing the risk of further muscle injuries; reduce the risk of iron deficiency, low hemoglobin and anemia; improve your mood and perception of your own health; to increase motivation for training, weight loss, the desire to become the owner of ideal body shapes and the best physical condition.
Knowing exactly when and what to eat after a workout for weight loss will also help to increase strength indicators and results, reduce the level of physical and, importantly, mental fatigue, will not allow concentration and memory indicators to decrease.
  • What can I eat after a workout?

    So, what can I eat after a weight loss workout? Immediately clarify that the main meal for weight loss is better to plan for 2-3 hours after training and make sure that the intake of calories does not exceed their costs the day before. At the same time, immediately after training, especially after prolonged cardio, carbohydrate recovery of muscle glycogen reserves is recommended. It will also be needed for the effective performance of strength exercises, which are usually planned for the next day after cardio, and will not allow the muscle fibers to collapse under load.
    At the stage of weight loss, during both cardio training and training on simulators, you should not drink gainers and other drinks that contain any kind of sugar (sucrose, glucose, fructose, maltose). Table drinking water without gas or sports drinks enriched with vitamins and minerals is recommended.